Vintage Finds: Gold Trimmed Glasses & Pitcher Set

Eqqus and I went on a kitchen ware shop that were cleaning out were having a crazy clearance.

We ended up buying many Japanese Crystal glass for our friends, and we also got this set of gold trimmed pitcher and glasses set. Instead of 5 matching glasses, the set has 3 matching ones, a vertical stripe one, and a horizontal one, which re all equally beautiful. Love the mixed and mismatch looks where they are together. I am such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend who would be just as excited if not more when shopping at a kitchen ware shop.

Like many cities this year, we are also having an extra long winter in Hong Kong. The temperature has even dropped down to around 10°C (50°F). I know that pretty high for you who are living in US, but for Hong Kong that’s really cold. I love the winter. The smell of winter reminds me of my time back in Syracuse.  Oh. Good times.

Please keep the winter around for just a bit longer. Everyone just seems more fashionable under all the layers and scarves. I should really use this time to finish up the infinity scarf that I started since the beginning of winter while the cold is still around.