My journey on learning Information Architecture

On the first day of my last semester as an Interior Design college student, my professor Zeke gave us all a card ask us to fill out what delights us. I thought about it then I rode down information

That card has been on my way since Jan 2010 and I never thought much about it. I was really into social media make then and I thought it was just me enjoying the activity of browsing social media. Even when I was working in online marketing, I didn't know much about content strategy. 

Until couple years ago, I got on an UX newsletter list that when I was first introduced to Information Architecture. I thought to myself, that's something I want to know more. I never did. 

Then this month I came across the Information Architecture: Effective Techniques For Designers. in the web designer news. I enjoy learning other people's process and tools so I read the article, got to the recommended reading list at the end. At that moment, I decided today is the day I learn more so bought one of the books and started my reading journey about IA.

I will be updating this post at monthly on all my findings & start of list of all the resources that I came acrossed. 

June 2016

Tricia Ling